Welcome to Secret Admirers

Secret Admirers is a decentralized content streaming platform ensuring privacy for creators and viewers alike.

Empowering Your Private Connections, One Stream at a Time

Secret Admirers is a decentralized platform serving creators and audiences alike looking for privacy, anonymity, and security. Truly peer-to-peer, Secret Admirers offers encryption in live streaming and transactions at the contract level.

Powered by $ADM

$ADM is the native governance and utility token behind Secret Admirers. On Secret Network, use ADM to purchase subscriptions from creators. Creators can spend $ADM to enhance discoverability on the platform.

Guaranteed Privacy

Enjoy unparalleled privacy in streaming. Our end-to-end encryption on the blockchain keeps your interactions confidential and secure.

More Earnings for Creators

Maximize your profits with less than half the fees of traditional platforms like Onlyfans. SA only takes a 10% cut, ensuring creators get the lion's share.

Creator First, Decentralized

Take control of your content. Our platform empowers creators with fair revenue streams and protection for original content

Maximize Your Creative Revenue

Join the revolution where creators earn more. With only a 10% platform fee, Secret Admirers ensures you keep the majority of your earnings. Our commitment to financial empowerment transforms how you connect with your audience, offering a more lucrative, transparent, and equitable platform experience.

Join the conversation

We invite creators and enthusiasts to join our exclusive Telegram group, designed for sharing insights, seeking advice, or engaging in meaningful conversation. Connect with like-minded individuals, exchange ideas, and stay updated.

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